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Storm Damage

Wind and hail can cause a lot of damage to your home, not always is it visible right after the storm. 

High winds can lift or tear shingles, lifted shingles can break the seal and allow wind driven rain to penetrate down to the roof deck. Hail can leave dents and marks on your shingles, if the dents are deep enough rain can seep in and start leaking causing damage to the roof deck and then interior of your home.

Not sure if you have storm damage? You can check for some storm damage, obvious signs of damage may include broken tree limbs, damaged lawn furniture, dented vents or gutters, torn or missing shingles. Also check the interior of your home for water damage, check ceilings and light fixtures for water.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend that you climb on your roof, especially after a storm, the shingles could be slick or the roof structure could be compromised. So please call a professional to check for damage.